The Chocolate Box

Sometimes you just have one of those days (or weeks) and, if you’re like me, you need some serious chocolate to make things right again. That’s why I decided to head to the Chocolate Box in downtown Seattle, near Pike’s Place Market.

chocbox exterior

The store is a combination of the following: retail outlet for local chocolatiers and bakeries, headquarters for the Seattle “Tour de Chocolat” ($69, every Thursday, Friday & Saturday), and espresso/chocolate bar. Although I was tempted by the mini cupcakes, I decided that my bad day warranted a staight shot of their famous “drinking chocolate” – basically melted chocolate in a teacup.

sipping chocolateThe weather was perfect for al fresco drinking, so I took my teacup to the outdoor sitting area in front of the store.  After taking a few deep inhales to take in the smell and prepare myself, I took a sip. Instantly, my troubles melted away as the velvety and intense liquid hit my tongue. This actived the chocolate nerve center in my brain, and although I tried to savor each sip, the frenzy began and the drink was gone before I knew it.  So, me being me, I licked the cup.

If you are a chocoholic who appreciates intense, rich, and pure chocolate, the “drinking chocolate” is something you must experience. An added plus: In my opinion, a shot of this chocolate relieves a troubled mind faster than a shot of whisky… give it a try!

Chocolate Box:
108 Pine St


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