West 5

It’s not a bakery but… I went to dinner at West 5 the other day and had to quickly blog about the dessert I had after dinner. West 5 is an excellent diner/bar in West Seattle, an area that I’m trying to explore a little more as I break out of my Capitol Hill habit:

w5 exterior

The dessert selection is limited, but I decided to try something anyway (as if the mac & cheese I had for dinner wasn’t enough!). The waitress recommended their coconut cake – homemade using a recipe that had been handed down through multiple generations. Of course I had to get it – I can never pass up a homemade cake, especially one that involves coconut.

coconut cake

The cake was waaaay too big for one person (even me!), and even with two of us eating I had to take some home. The texture of the cake was a little doughy for me, but I liked the nutty flavor. The icing was perfect – thick, sweet, and coconutty.

If you’re in need of some down-home cooking and some extra calories, stop by West 5 and have a taste. The drinks are pretty good too!

West 5
4539 California Ave SW


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One Response to “West 5”

  1. Elise Says:

    Not really related to this post, but nice logo. What kind of pie is that? Hehe.

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