Essential Bakery

Even if you’ve never been to an Essential bakery, you’ve probably eaten their bread – it’s sold and served at many Seattle grocery stores and restaurants. Their desserts, however, are harder to find, so I took a trip to their Madison location (there is also one in Wallingford).


Their somewhat pretentious website says that their neighborhood bakeries offer a place to “recharge, rethink, and reconnect in their daily lives,” but I found it a little too crowded to do any deep thinking. Instead, I concentrated on picking out a suitable dessert – there were lots to choose from, and as the line grew behind me, I felt the pressure to hurry up and make a choice. To expedite the process, I asked the cashier for his favorite.  He recommended the following:


The dessert consists of mango mousse and meringue layered on top of a shortbread cake, surr0unded by white chocolate and topped with raspberry. Sound complicated? It was.  It was hard to discern the different tastes and textures as I gobbled it down, but the meringue flavor dominated and the shortbread cake was delicious. Next time, however, I’m going for something chocolate (real chocolate, that is, not white chocolate), and there are lots of options:


And by the way – some of the breads are almost desserts themselves. Try the Raisin-Pecan or make French toast with the Challah. Dessert for breakfast – the perfect way to start the day.


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One Response to “Essential Bakery”

  1. Liz Says:

    This dessert looks delicious and I would eat the whole thing myself.

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