North Hill Bakery

North Hill Bakery, a small, independent, and authentic bakery, is only a few blocks from my apartment and was therefore bound to end up on the blog sooner rather than later. Tucked away on 15th Ave E, it offers a small number of quality breads, cakes, pastries, and other treats.


The selection is small, but they do switch it up enough so that every time I visit, there are different treats to choose from.  Also, with a little advance notice, they’ll make you your own cake – you can choose among at least ten types including hazelnut, chocolate mousse, and cappuccino. Since I had tried the coconut cake once before and found it a little too sweet, I decided to ask the girl at the counter for a recommendation. She was amazingly knowledgeable about the different offerings – not like at some places where the counter staff seems limited to putting your chosen item in a bag and ringing you up.


Having skipped breakfast, I was in the mood for something fairly large, so at the girl’s recommendation, I bought one of her personal favorites – a piece of the rhubarb coffee cake. She explained that the cake was made with part whole wheat flour, giving it more substance and texture.


Sure enough, the cake was just what I was looking for. The texture of the whole wheat flour was balanced by the sweetness of the cake and the tartness of the rhubarb. I gobbled it down with speed, complimented the girl at the counter on her good taste, and started my day with energy.

North Hill Bakery is located at 518 15th Ave E, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.


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