Kingfish Cafe

There are lots of restaurants in Seattle with amazing desserts, but there is only one that makes me want to weep with joy. The Kingfish Cafe is my favorite restaurant in Seattle not only for it’s soul food (their mac n cheese is the best I’ve ever had) but for its cakes, which are traditional Southern-style indulgences.  The drink menu is also divine, with several cocktails that could serve as a drinkable dessert (try the Two-Sista’s Cocktail).  The restaurant atmosphere is lively but casual, and on the weekend you should be prepared to wait for a table.  Also be sure to check their hours before you go – they are not open between 2:00 and 5:30.


There are several things that set their desserts apart from other places – one is the size. The cakes are HUGE – generally too much for even two people.

lemon cake

The dessert menu varies from day-to-day, but the quality remains high. Pictured above is the lemon cake, served with strawberries and cream. I loved the texture and flavor of the cake, although it could have had a tad less frosting. Since I was with a group of people, I was lucky enough to sample (and photograph) their desserts as well, including my absolute favorite, the strawberry shortcake:


This dessert uses fresh strawberries, making it a seasonal addition to the menu. If you’re a fan of strawberry shortcake, make it a point to visit Kingfish in the summer when the strawberries are at their fullest. I liked this dessert so much that I saved some for dinner (yes, dinner) the next night! And then we have the obligatory chocolate cake:


The strawberries aren’t always a star ingredient, but the cream topping is (it’s not ice cream, but is sweeter and creamier than traditional whipped cream). Even though I love chocolate cake, I liked the lemon and shortcake better – they seemed to have a more intense flavor. I need my chocolate cake to be super intense, and although this one was good, it was not “edgy” enough for me.

Wow, just writing this entry was enough to get my mouth watering… time to go eat!


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4 Responses to “Kingfish Cafe”

  1. Your Sister Says:

    That thicker, sweeter cream is called Chantilly Cream (I think – I’d have to taste it to be sure, but that’s what it sounds like).
    I think I gain weight just from reading your blog.

  2. Liz Says:

    Next time we come to Seattle, I want to go back to Kingfish!

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