B&O Espresso

One of the best places to go in Seattle for a sit-down-and-savor-it dessert is B&O Espresso, which is so much more than its name suggests. Yes, they have coffee, but they also have breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, beer, wine, cocktails… and of course, dessert.  And what a wide selection! In the mood for something grown-up? Try the chocolate martini or espresso mousse torte. Feeling like comfort food? There’s apple pie and bread pudding. But before you decide, check out the display case so you know exactly what you’re getting:


Since it was a cool, cusp-of-fall evening, I decided to warm up with the brioche bread pudding, which is made with a whiskey sauce – perfect for getting that toasty feeling all the way to your toes!  At first I was a little surprised: their bread pudding is very milky, and you feel like you’re drinking bread soup rather than eating a pudding. However, after a few bites, I was won over.

bread pudding

It tasted a lot like this amazing dessert I had when I was in Egypt – I think it was called Om Ali. Anyway, the excess liquid didn’t bother me at all, and the flavor was divine.  But… as I was getting ready to leave, I began to mourn the lack of chocolate in my meal, and in the end, could not resist getting a chocolate rum ball to go. I downed it the next day at work:

rum ball

The rum flavor was just a tiny bit intense, but other than that… oh my! The texture was perfect – not chewy or gooey, it was almost the texture of cheesecake.  The outer shell had a perfectly strong chocolate flavor, and wasn’t too sweet at all.  Overall, this place remains in my top ten Seattle dessert destinations… a nice atmosphere + something for everyone + delicious dessert = the perfect place to put on a few pounds.


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One Response to “B&O Espresso”

  1. Liz Says:

    Lisa, you are hilarious!

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