The Crumpet Shop

I thought I’d try something a little different this week, and instead of going to a bakery I hit up the Crumpet Shop at Pike’s Place Market. If you’ve never had a crumpet, they’re a little bit like an English Muffin… only better, because they’re made on the premises.  The Crumpet Shop also sells a wide variety of tea (and, of course, coffee – this is Seattle after all).


The Crumpet Shop keeps early hours (7-5) and they tend to run out of supplies (meaning crumpets) towards the end of the day, but they were still going strong when I arrived at 3:30.  The menu is surprisingly extensive considering that every concoction has to fit on a crumpet, and there are both sweet and savory options.  The savory items, which include breakfast sandwiches (ham and eggs) and lunch snacks (tomato-pesto-cheese) are unique and tasty, but for a teatime treat, I opted for dessert. I sought the recommendation of the lady at the counter:


I knew I wanted something nutella-based, and at her recommendation I went for the nutella and orange marmalade crumpet.


SO DELICIOUS! The bittersweet, tangy marmelade went perfectly with the sweet, mild nutella.  The crumpet was toasted to perfection, and the cup of tea I had completed the feeling of warm fuzziness I had inside. This place has been catapulted into my top ten list (coming soon).


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  1. Liz Says:

    I want one of those

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