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Top Pot Doughnuts

February 22, 2010

My dentist (in Wedgewood) really has the perfect location: it’s across the street from The Grateful Bread Baking Company (which I’ll try to review sometime soon) and Top Pot Doughnuts.  Top Pot has locations in several neighborhoods, including Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and Downtown, but I often go to the Wedgewood location because there’s parking (and a dentist nearby).

Top Pot, which has been around since 2002, specializes in gourmet doughnuts that come in two categories: old fashioned or cake doughnut. There are over forty types of doughnuts to choose from, so needless to say I took my sweet time at the counter. Luckily, Top Pot doesn’t believe in rushing it’s customers or blinding them with ugly fluorescent lighting. Instead, their cafes are styled along the pattern of traditional Seattle coffee shops (and the coffee itself measures up!).

I finally chose six flavors (pictured below): Upper row from left to right: Raspberry Old Fashioned, Chocolate Sand Castle Cake Doughnut, Chocolate Glazed Cake Doughnut. Lower row from left to right: Maple Old Fashioned, Cinnamon Cake Doughnut, Plain Old Fashioned.

Overall, I preferred the Old Fashioned over the Cake Doughnuts. They were more moist and crispy, while the Cake Doughnuts were drier and more chewy. Next time I think I would just get Old Fashions.  That being said, my favorites for flavor were the Sandcastle and the Chocolate Glazed.  And, in case you’re wondering, the Sandcastle is a chocolate cake doughnut with granulated sugar covering the outside. It tastes much better than a sandcastle. Don’t ask how I know that.


Madison Park Bakery

February 6, 2010

Encouraged by the unusually warm weather these past few weeks, I ventured out to Madison Park, where the winds blowing off Lake Washington were not as icy as they usually are this time of year. I hadn’t planned on stopping for a snack, but the location of Madison Park Bakery was too good to pass up after a sweaty yoga class. What caught my eye immediately upon entry were the bright colors and quirky shapes of the goodies:

Obviously a great place to take kids, but also perfect for any Marzipan lovers out there:

MPB has been around for a long time – 80 years in fact. They pride themselves on making everything from scratch – pretty impressive when you consider their large selection of bread, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and pastries. I limited myself to three items at first: the scone with jam, a mini cinnamon roll, and a cinnamon sugar doughnut.

My favorite by far out of the three was the cinnamon roll. It was the perfect size – not sickeningly big, but not pathetically small. It was very cinnamon-y (just the way I like it) and quite sweet. The best cinnamon bun I’ve eaten a quite a while, actually. The cinnamon doughnut was also good – perfect for finger-licking afterward.  I was not quite as impressed with the scone. It was a little too cakey and the “jam” was too gelatinous.  But I wouldn’t want to end on that note, so…

allow me to finish with the chocolate ganache cupcake! Even though I would have preferred a vanilla cupcake with ganache frosting, this was a more-than-adequate substitute. I bit off the very bottom, and then ate the top in three bites. Chocolate ganache is, to me, always a winner (and a perfect way to finish this post!).