Madison Park Bakery

Encouraged by the unusually warm weather these past few weeks, I ventured out to Madison Park, where the winds blowing off Lake Washington were not as icy as they usually are this time of year. I hadn’t planned on stopping for a snack, but the location of Madison Park Bakery was too good to pass up after a sweaty yoga class. What caught my eye immediately upon entry were the bright colors and quirky shapes of the goodies:

Obviously a great place to take kids, but also perfect for any Marzipan lovers out there:

MPB has been around for a long time – 80 years in fact. They pride themselves on making everything from scratch – pretty impressive when you consider their large selection of bread, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and pastries. I limited myself to three items at first: the scone with jam, a mini cinnamon roll, and a cinnamon sugar doughnut.

My favorite by far out of the three was the cinnamon roll. It was the perfect size – not sickeningly big, but not pathetically small. It was very cinnamon-y (just the way I like it) and quite sweet. The best cinnamon bun I’ve eaten a quite a while, actually. The cinnamon doughnut was also good – perfect for finger-licking afterward.  I was not quite as impressed with the scone. It was a little too cakey and the “jam” was too gelatinous.  But I wouldn’t want to end on that note, so…

allow me to finish with the chocolate ganache cupcake! Even though I would have preferred a vanilla cupcake with ganache frosting, this was a more-than-adequate substitute. I bit off the very bottom, and then ate the top in three bites. Chocolate ganache is, to me, always a winner (and a perfect way to finish this post!).


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