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March 21, 2010

If I lived in Eastlake, Louisa’s Cafe and Bakery would be my go-to cafe for everything – they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, snacks, and most importantly, desserts, in a classy-but-casual cafe. I don’t live in Eastlake, but I’m making an effort to stop by Louisa’s more often for their food and sweets. The interior is pleasant and well-lit, and at night it’s very romantic with tealights on the tables and artwork on the walls.

I swung by one night to sample the desserts, although when I saw the dinner menu I was almost tempted to skip dessert and get the mushroom and brie burger instead.  However, once I had a chance to examine the dessert counter I was brought back to earth…

I’m not usually a huge cobbler fan, but after reading reviews from people raving about the blackberry cobbler (pictured above in the bottom right), I decided to give it a try. Hedging my bets, I also bought a cinnamon bun for the next morning.  The cobbler lived up to the hype: tart enough to keep things interesting, sweet enough to make me smile. The biscut topping soaked up the berry juice and the ice cream, and the whole thing was served deliciously warm (ok, not the ice cream, but you get the idea).

The cinnamon bun was excellent, if a little dry (probably because it was a full day old by the time I ate it).

I will have to return one morning in order to taste it in a more timely fashion… and to sample their full breakfasts (who can resist a smoked salmon omelet?).


Columbia City Bakery

March 1, 2010

One of my favorite mini-neighborhoods in Seattle is Columbia City, where you can find some awesome thrift & gift shops, not to mention fabulous food.  When I go there, I always swing by Columbia City Bakery to see what treats they have for me to try.

A family-friendly bakery, Columbia City specializes in homemade bread (including their hot dog & hamburger buns, which I keep meaning to buy), pastries, and cakes. They also sell coffee from True North Coffee Roasters.  I’ve had limited experience with the cakes, but I’m a huge fan of just about everything else, and I like they way it’s never the exact same selection when I visit.

Catching my eye this time was the whiskey cake, pictured below with the shortbread cookie, which I always have to get.

I was a little dubious of the whiskey cake because I’m a little sensitive to liquor flavors, but the whiskey taste wasn’t overwhelming at all.  To add to that, the cake was moist and the icing wasn’t overly-sweet. In short, a great choice. The shortbread cookies come in different shapes and colors, but are always lovely.  Is there anything better at tea-time than a buttery, and I mean BUTTERY, shortbread cookie? I think not.