Columbia City Bakery

One of my favorite mini-neighborhoods in Seattle is Columbia City, where you can find some awesome thrift & gift shops, not to mention fabulous food.  When I go there, I always swing by Columbia City Bakery to see what treats they have for me to try.

A family-friendly bakery, Columbia City specializes in homemade bread (including their hot dog & hamburger buns, which I keep meaning to buy), pastries, and cakes. They also sell coffee from True North Coffee Roasters.  I’ve had limited experience with the cakes, but I’m a huge fan of just about everything else, and I like they way it’s never the exact same selection when I visit.

Catching my eye this time was the whiskey cake, pictured below with the shortbread cookie, which I always have to get.

I was a little dubious of the whiskey cake because I’m a little sensitive to liquor flavors, but the whiskey taste wasn’t overwhelming at all.  To add to that, the cake was moist and the icing wasn’t overly-sweet. In short, a great choice. The shortbread cookies come in different shapes and colors, but are always lovely.  Is there anything better at tea-time than a buttery, and I mean BUTTERY, shortbread cookie? I think not.


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