Three Girls Bakery

Every time I venture to Pike’s Place Market, I’m confronted with a wealth of blog-worthy bakeries. This time, I selected the Three Girls Bakery, which is little more than a walk-up window (although there’s also a counter tucked away where you can get sandwiches).

But the lack of retro furniture or art installations allows the customer to focus on what’s most important – the food. Three Girls sells fresh bread, a variety of cookies, croissants, rugelach, and many other tasty treats. I ended up with a “Mounds” cookie, and, on a whim, a piece of rugelach.  The Mounds cookie was basically a coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate:

The texture inside was perfect – a little nutty, very coconutty, and just the right combination of crunchy-chewy. I really liked the chocolate coating; you could tell they used quality chocolate.  Even my friend, who’s not a huge dessert eater, loved it.  But the rugelach was what really stole my heart:

I’m having trouble remembering the exact flavor I got (there were lots to choose from) but I think it might have been cinnamon-pecan. At any rate, Three Girls is my new favorite spot for rugelach.  If you’ve never had this New York Jewish Deli treat, this is the place to try it in Seattle.


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