Piroshky, Piroshky

They’ve been around close to 20 years, but Piroshky, Piroshky doesn’t get old.  Anyone who’s walked through Pike’s Place Market will have been drawn in by the intoxicating, beautifully buttery smells emanating from this market hole-in-the-wall bakery, specializing in the sweet and savory Russian rolls.

There’s almost always a line out the door on weekends, caused in part by the overwhelming selection of items that stalls each customer as they take their turn ordering at the counter. I went with the chocolate cream hazelnut roll and (why stop with just one?) the coffee cinnamon roll.  The chocolate hazelnut roll turned out to be not quite my thing:

The dough was good, but the filling tasted like nutella mixed with marshmallow fluff – not necessarily a bad thing, but a little too gelatinous for my taste.  I generally don’t like cream-filled pastries, though, so don’t rule it out for yourself! My next choice, however, the coffee-cinnamon roll, was perfect:

Why has no one else thought to combine these flavors? Coffee in a cinnamon roll sounded like heaven to me, and it was. I heated it and ate it for breakfast the next morning… delightful. Next on my list are the apple cinnamon roll, the marzipan roll, and the poppy seed raisin roll. And the rhubarb roll. And I should probably try some of the savory ones too…


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