Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

As the curtains of summer begin to close, I’m racing to get my last few scoops of ice cream in. I’ve been to most of the major ice cream parlors in Seattle, and here’s where it stands: Best quality ice cream: Old School Frozen Custard. Best place to get a warm waffle cone: Full Tilt. Best variety of flavors: Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream.  With parlors in Wallingford and Capitol Hill, plus a mobile truck you can follow on Twitter, Mollly Moon’s is accessible and delicious.

The shops tend to get crowded on hot summer days, but stop by for a scoop of maple-bacon ice cream this winter and you’ll probably be able to grab a table.  Molly Moon’s specializes in local, seasonal ingredients, leading to some fairly adventurous creations: honey lavender, balsamic strawberry, or sweet corn. If that sounds a little too exotic, you can stick to the basics, like I did:

Strawberry ice cream in a homemade waffle cone. I wished there were more strawberry pieces in the ice cream (I like my strawberry ice cream “chunky”) but other than that, success.  An additional bonus: the Capitol Hill location is right across the street from Cal Anderson Park – a lovely place to enjoy an ice cream cone and a stroll.


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One Response to “Molly Moon’s Ice Cream”

  1. Brad @ Ice Cream U Scream Says:

    I’m a big fan of the seasonal apple cider sorbet. When paired with salted caramel, it tastes like a caramel apple. Yum!

    Out of season, I go for Theo Chocolate ice cream, which is devilishly rich.

    you are so right, though. There is absolutely no resisting their waffle cones, especially when you wait in their line smelling them. Drool.

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