Larsen’s Danish Bakery

Don’t let the fluorescent lights, cheap furniture, and bare bones decor deter you – Larsen’s Danish Bakery must put all their profits back into the product. Or they just buy more butter. In any case, if you’re looking for anything from a Black and White cookie (the only ones I’ve ever seen in Seattle) to a Kringle (their specialty), you’ve found the right place.

Larsen’s, which opened in Ballard in 1974, stocks dozens of cookies and pastries, many of which can be ordered online through the mail.  Overwhelmed by the variety, I stepped out of line and spent about ten minutes examining the various offerings:

And that picture only covers the cookie section! I got a few cookies to snack on (not the Black and White though, I only trust Brooklyn to get those right) and then moved on to the more critical area of breakfast pastries. After asking the girl at the counter a zillion questions and mulling over the many options, I went with the following:

The trouble is, I don’t remember what they’re called!!! I knew I should have written down the strange words, but I was so intent on devouring them that I forgot. I can tell you this much: I loved the one on the left. It had a cinnamon and custard inside, and I thought it was diving. The one on the right used almond paste, which I’m not a huge fan of because the flavor is somewhat overwhelming to me. But, it is their best seller, so to each her own.



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One Response to “Larsen’s Danish Bakery”

  1. Andrew Woods (@awoods) Says:

    Do they still sell Black and White cookies? I’ve been looking for some for a while. The I Love NY Deli in Pike Place Market has some, but they’re prepackaged. I’d love to buy some fresh. Have you seen black and whites anywhere else in Seattle?

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