Hangar Cafe

I never go to Georgetown. It’s not that I dislike it, I just have no reason to be there. Unless there are waffles. Enter the Hangar Cafe, serving breakfast and lunch in a low-key environment that feels like your favorite cozy coffee shop.

The cafe is not a bakery per se, but the owner used to manage Essential Bakery on Madison. It shows in the menu, which encourages dessert for breakfast (as if I need the encouragement). They specialize in crepes, but after I ate one too many crepes in Paris (yes, there is such a thing as too many crepes) I’ve usually opted out. Lucky for me, the Hangar also does waffles… and does them well.

Shown above is the pumpkin waffle: pumpkin puree is folded into the waffle batter, and pumpkin pie spices are sprinkled on the top, along with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Naturally, it’s served with real maple syrup. The waffle itself was good, although I couldn’t really taste very much pumpkin flavor. On the other hand, the spice flavor was a little overwhelming. To be honest, I ended up having order envy when my dining companion got the brie, bacon, and basil waffle:

This has to rank as one of the best breakfast items offered in Seattle. It satisfies every craving, and the combination of sweet and savory (with the surprising and refreshing presence of basil) means you can at least pretend you’re not having dessert for breakfast.



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