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Pies and Pints

December 6, 2010

Maybe it’s not officially winter yet, but it sure feels like it.  The sun seems to skim along the horizon and the darkness makes me think it’s bedtime at 5:00 (or maybe it was the giant turkey sandwich I had for lunch?).  I try to take heart in the fact that it could be worse (in Anchorage at this time of year the sun doesn’t rise until 10 and sets before 4) but mostly I just drown my sorrows in chocolate, butter, and sugar. Which makes Pies and Pints the perfect place to have a simple pub supper (who can really say no to beer, a meat pie, and sweet potato fries), not to mention dessert.

The location may be somewhat unlikely (NE 65th St) but the atmosphere is that of a neighborhood pub with none of the pretentiousness of Cap Hill joints have seem to acquired.  It’s only been around since 2003 but the savory pies are very traditional (one sauce on the menu is described as “grandmotherly”). I had the Beef Burgundy Pie with a side of mac and cheese, and if this was a food blog instead of a dessert blog, I would tell you about the flaky, buttery pie crust and the creamy, ultra-rich mac and cheese. But it’s not, so we’ll move on:

Yes, you read the sign right – it’s Guinness and Bailey’s chocolate cake, but I was too full for a slice so instead I had a chat with the bartender and he recommended the peanut butter tart.

I realized later that I should have taken a picture of it after I had taken a bite so that you could see the peanut butter filling.  I ate the whole thing (the next day) which was a feat since it’s pretty big (the size of my hand with my fingers stretched out). The filling could have been a little more solid (less butter, more flour) but the chocolate crust and ganache topping was excellent. I will definitely come back to sample the Guinness cake (and eat more savory pies!).