What do you do in the depths of winter in Seattle, when it doesn’t get light till 8:00 and starts getting dark at 3:30? My solution is to eat chocolate. That’s why, around this year’s solstice, I decided to go to Dilettante Mocha Bar/Cafe for dinner. Dilettante specializes in everything chocolate – basically a mecca for any Seattle chocoholic. They do serve regular food (my friend got a very good grilled cheese) but I wanted cake for dinner, which is how I ended up with the Ephemere Truffle Torte – my ultimate chocolate experience.

The menu lists the cake as “Austrian-style,” meaning it’s rich and very moist.  Not too sweet, and quite dense, this is currently my favorite cake.  What makes it perfect is the addition of raspberry preserves between the cake and frosting (I’ve always been obsessed with that combination of flavors).  Perfect for a dark December day, but I was also a little thirsty. Luckily, Dilettante also makes the best chocolate martini in Seattle.

This was the Mexican Chocolate Martini – truffle sauce blended with cinnamon, triple sec, and tequila.  The cinnamon was what set it apart from other chocolate martinis I’ve had – a lovely, dark twist that deepens the flavor. If you aren’t in the mood for alcohol, they offer plenty of coffee and hot chocolate drinks using a variety of chocolates.  Dilettante is also a great place to shop for gifts (they have locations at Cap Hill, Westlake, Kent, and even SeaTac), with a beautiful array of truffles:

You can also order them online.  Or grab one for the road, in case you haven’t already had enough chocolate for the day.  In any case, Dilettante promises to satisfy the cravings of the most die-hard chocoholic… although they have carrot cake too.



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