La Cote

I remember the day I said I would never eat another crepe. I had been studying in Paris for almost six weeks, and had been averaging about 1.5 crepes per day. Crepes with nutella and strawberries, crepes with mushrooms and swiss, crepes with every ingredient you can imagine. Finally, it hit me. I had maxed out on crepes and decided that I never wanted to eat another crepe again.

Obviously, a food fiend like me never really swears off any kind of food forever (although I still don’t like parsnips), and I’ve had a few crepes since then. But I don’t actively seek them out, and in this case, it was a last resort. It was Superbowl Sunday, and I wanted something sweet right before the game started. I headed out around kickoff time, and was shocked to find everything closed! So I headed into La Cote Creperie in Madison Valley, a crepe restaurant that’s usually too packed for me to bother with. Today, however, I had it all to myself:

This made for a very pleasant afternoon – I could eat and photograph to my heart’s content while chatting with the waitress, a very friendly young lady who recommended the crepe with pear, chocolate sauce, and ice cream. It turned out to be a bit much to pack into one pancake (they fold the big ones into a square and you eat it with a fork), but still delightful (but be warned, crepes are not very photogenic):

As I said, it tasted much better than it looks (my grandmother asked if this was a picture of chicken thighs). The ice cream and chocolate sauce were of high quality, and the pears were fine (I would have preferred fresh instead of canned). I think it would be better if there were a little bit less of each ingredient in order to emphasize the crepe, but I hear amazing things about the lemon crepe.



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