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March 6, 2011

Ballard’s Honore Artisan Bakery is tiny, easy to miss, and a little off the beaten path. But you’ll know when you’re close because of the warm, buttery smell emanating from inside.  And you’ll know it was worth the trip when you bite into one of their delectable croissants or macaroons (featured below are just three of their many flavors: chocolate, lavender, and pistachio).

I liked the chocolate best, especially the filling (the lavender was also good). But the main highlight of my trip was the croissant.  I had a hard time choosing between the plain croissant, the almond croissant, and the pan au chocolat, but the girl at the counter suggested the almond one since they don’t always have it. I never get almond pastries (they’re just not my favorite) but this time I decided it looked to good to pass up.

Hidden beneath the powdered sugar is one of best croissants I’ve ever eaten.  The pastry was crisp, flaky, buttery, and moist, while the almond filling was sweet, mild, and not at all overwhelming.  I will certainly return to try the plain and the chocolate croissants – they obviously know exactly what they’re doing here at this little slice of Paris in Ballard.