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Macrina Bakery

April 24, 2011

Dear Macrina, please consider opening a location in Capitol Hill, preferably on 15th Ave E so I can roll myself the short distance back to my house after visiting.  They currently have three spots – Belltown, SODO, and Queen Anne, none of which are terribly convenient for me… but maybe the effort required for me to get there will prevent me from gaining ten pounds in bread-weight.

On a sunny day in Seattle (I think there have been two this year?) I checked out the morning scene at Macrina – and the baked goods selection – before sitting down to a tasty breakfast.

I had just a simple meal of eggs and bacon, plus toast  (I chose the Vollkorn), which after one bite made me realize that the bread would be the start of the show. Indeed, while the bakery has a dizzying array of treats (the shot above is just picture of many), their main focus has always been on bread (which can be bought at several grocery stores, none of which are near me).  I made myself choose just one loaf and one sweet to take home with me – I picked the Challah (does that count as a second sweet?) and the chocolate ganache cupcake.

I didn’t photograph the Challah because technically I guess it’s not a dessert, plus me and my friend downed it pretty much in a single gulp. And, although the cupcake was good, it wasn’t amazing, partly because I think I would have rather just kept eating bread! Next time I visit, I won’t limit myself to one loaf – what’s life without a bread coma every week so often?