Shoofly Pie

West Seattle is such a great little corner of the world if you’re a dessert hunter like I am. There are so many quality choices that even though I live in Capitol Hill, I find myself up on California Ave quite often, looking for that special something. A recent expedition brought me to Shoofly Pie, a small, colorful cafe and pie shop.

It’s a great spot to hang out, take tea, and dig into your sweet or savory pie.  In fact, I highly recommend the latter (I had the chicken pot pie) if it’s a rainy day (which it usually is) and you’re in need of some serious comfort food. When you’ve finished with that, move on to dessert:

Everything they have is handmade from scratch – no bland factory/frozen pie taste here! Everything is fruity flaky goodness with seasonal changes in the menu. You can also buy Old School’s vanilla frozen custard to take home, so that you can eat your warmed-up pie a la mode, as I did:

This was a slice of the strawberry-rhubarb pie, which, according to their website, was how everything started. But if that’s too nutritious for you, order the shoofly pie, which is a traditional American dessert involving pie crust and molasses (that’s what I’m going to try next time… I can’t say no to a dessert that’s mostly butter and sugar).


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