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The Confectional

June 13, 2011

“Forgive me chocolate for I have sinned… I have not yet had my daily confection.”  This is the greeting on The Confectional’s website, which entices viewers with a slideshow of endless cheesecakes. Even more enticing were the free samples that I stumbled upon one afternoon when I checked out their new Capitol Hill location – a quieter, more user-friendly bakery with tables and chairs to eat at.

The Confectional serves an impressive array of cheesecakes and cheesecake truffles, and they make an effort to keep in tune with the season (with summer here, they’ve started serving up a key lime variety).  As I said, upon my arrival I was greeted with a tray of free samples, and was encouraged to try one of each. I sampled the raspberry, the lemon, and the Kahlua.

The lemon cheesecake stood out to me over the others, and the guy working there said it was his favorite as well. I decided it was worth taking one home with me. To satisfy my constant craving for peanut butter, I also got a peanut butter cheesecake truffle.  The truffle was decent, but the lemon cheesecake was really worth the calories:

The lemon flavor was pronounced, but tempered by the white chocolate. The texture was dense and creamy, and satisfied this east coast cheesecake lover.  A great summer dessert for when you need a break from ice cream (that is, assuming it ever gets warm enough for ice cream!), and they also make great gifts for people like me!