Simply Desserts

My family was in town last weekend, and I decided to give them a little tour of Fremont. At one point, looking around, I noticed my sister had disappeared. We tracked her down at Simply Desserts; it had sucked her in like a black hole for dessert-lovers.

I’ve never had anything mediocre at Simply Desserts, their cakes always rank in the category of superb-fantastic-amazing-etc, and so I figured it was time to blog about them. Their small space is located right in the heart of Fremont, and you can buy by the slice or order a whole cake.

My sister was already digging into her chocolate hazelnut slice of cake when we found her, and since she’s always disinclined to share, I ended up with my own piece of blueberry lemon cake. Both were delicious, but I liked mine better (I just have a thing for lemon cakes).

It could have used a few more blueberries and a tad less frosting, but the cake itself was lovely: moist, mellow lemon-vanilla flavor, airy texture. It made me want make my next batch of blueberry pancakes into a layer cake… or just pay a return visit in the near future.



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