Beehive Bakery

I never did get a chance to eat at the Philly Cheese Steak shop at 23rd and Union before tragedy struck a few years ago, when several employees were killed in a shooting on the premises.  I always regretted not sampling their sandwiches, so when a bakery moved into the location I decided to check it out. The Beehive Bakery is certified Kosher (and not open on Saturdays), with quiches, baked goods, coffee, and space to enjoy it all.

I ordered a salmon quiche, which I’ve never had before. It turned out to be amazing, so I ended up saving my cinnamon roll for the next day (it was still delicious):

So good, especially the frosting. Usually I don’t like too much frosting on my sticky buns, but this was an exception. The frosting had that perfect tang and texture, and I could have eaten it plain.  I’m wondering if the owner uses the same frosting on her beehive cakes, which I was fortunate enough to sample:

She makes these on special order, and I’m just waiting for an occasion. It’s hard to describe the goodlyness of this concoction. The frosting seeps into the cake, so that the syrup and the batter become one. The rest of the frosting hardens into a shell around the top of the cake. I highly recommend.



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