Fat Ducks Bakery

I’m super psyched about the new bakery/deli that recently opened up on the northern end of University Ave in the U-district.  It’s a difficult location, but hopefully they can stay in business because there are some treats to die for.  A great place to stop by for an afternoon snack or sandwich, or just sip on coffee, the atmosphere is homey and the lady that runs the place is friendly.  She let me try a piece of rugelach and threw in a free shortbread cookie with my order.  Not to mention they sell rice crispy treats!

I ordered a lemon bar, brownie, and “peanut butter death bar,” and although I wished the lemon bar was more tart, I was overall very impressed. The brownie was really one of the best I’ve had, with that perfect rich, oh-so-chocolaty flavor and soft interior.

(The Xmas shortbread cookie was very good too). I have to say, though, the thing that will prompt me to return soon is the peanut butter death bar.

With a layer of chocolate oreo-type crumble, then peanut butter, then chocolate fudge, there’s not much wrong with this bar cookie. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with it. If there is such a thing as death by peanut butter, this would be a very sweet end.



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One Response to “Fat Ducks Bakery”

  1. gabeanzelini Says:

    I just stopped by because of this article. She gave me a bunch of samples including a piece of carrot cake because she asked what my favorite dessert was and I said carrot cake. Everything I actually bought was amazing as well. To think I was going to go to Krispy Kremes!

    Oh and I mentioned the lemon bar thing and she said she’s going to make the next batch more lemony.

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