The name says it all at this Fremont cafe – PIE offers a variety of sweet and savory pies accommodating everyone from the traditionalist (try the apple pie a la mode) to the gluten-free (I thought the crust tasted like gravel but my gluten-free friend said it was good).

Besides its colorful storefront and cheerful interior, what I like about this place is that the menu is constantly changing. I had a more traditional breakfast pie (eggs, cheese, and bacon) but if I had been a different day it could have been huevos rancheros or mac and cheese with peas (they also have dinner pies with tasty-sounding meats).

After thoroughly enjoying my breakfast pie, I moved on to dessert. Wanting to try multiple pies, I took advantage of their bite-sized offerings and snapped up a tiny apple pie to go. Not having the same restraint when it comes to peanut butter, I opted for a full size:

To be honest, I wasn’t in love with the crust, which was dry and tasted like a cracker. This was strange, because I loved the breakfast pie crust and the mini apple pie crust – maybe because I heated those up and allowed the moisture to soak into the crust.  The peanut butter filling, however, was perfectly delightful. And, although I’m generally not an apple pie person, I could have eaten a dozen of those mini apple pies… it was superb.



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One Response to “PIE”

  1. neal Says:

    One thing I noticed about Pie was that the crust on the mini pies was not that good but the crust on the bigger ones was fantastic (IMHO). They might need to vary the cooking times/temps more or something because I like the idea of small taster pies but the execution was off.

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