Imagine my joy upon discovering that Regent, a new bakery (with an additional location in Redmond), would be opening right around the corner from me.  And imagine my further happiness upon seeing that they also offer a full menu (Chinese food) and bar (which is really a cozy, hip, and tasty little space).  I explored some of their many offerings in all three areas (dinner, drinks, dessert), but came away feeling that the main reason to visit this place is to stock up on cakes and breads.

The cakes looked good, but what really made me drool was the bread selection:

While I find Asian cakes to be too light for my taste, I LOVE the extreme eggy bread you find at Asian pastry shops. To be fair, though, I tried one of each – a cake and a bread.  For the cake, I went with the owner’s recommendation and got a piece of the chocolate-hazelnut cake.

It was indeed pretty light, but nearly as airy as some others I’ve tried, and the chocolate-hazelnut flavor was intense enough for me (and wasn’t too sweet).  LOVED it, and now I have to rethink my antipathy toward Asian cakes. Even better, however, was the bread. I chose a loaf of raisin bread to take home with me, and ate a couple slices for breakfast the next morning:

That night, I brought the rest of the loaf over to a friend’s house, and we ate the entire thing (lightly grilling each piece in a generously buttered skillet). I’ve never enjoyed raisin bread as much as I did this loaf, and I will surely be back for more.



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