Dahlia Bakery

I have trouble fully buying into the Tom Douglas establishment, mainly because it seems too much like a business chain trying to take over the Seattle restaurant scene (and dictate trends and tastes). But, I’d heard enough good things about Dahlia Bakery in Belltown that I thought I’d better give it a try.

I was happy at how unpretentious (albeit tiny) the space was, especially compared to Dahlia Lounge next door. I did wish they served espresso (or at least coffee more interesting than Starbucks), but I was impressed with selection of baked goods.  The breads looked especially enticing, although I decided to stick to just desserts.

I ordered a small chocolate-cinnamon tart, a croissant, and since they’re famous for them, one of the coconut cream bite-sized pies.

Overall, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The coconut cream pie was decadent and I did enjoy the coconut filling, but I didn’t need all the cream or particularly like the crust. I’ve never been a huge fan of this type of pie… so maybe I’m not the best judge. My friend who does like coconut cream pies thought it was excellent (and I know lots of Yelpers do too). The chocolate tart was complex and I liked the idea of cinnamon (one of my favorite spices) but I thought the overall effect was underwhelming (especially at a price tag of $6.50).  The croissant was really the only thing I was drawn to (very buttery inside, crisp outside, extremely fresh), but I think Honore and Besalu in Ballard do them better. Sorry Tom Douglas, I’m yet to be converted.



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