Arabica Lounge

I’d read a few things on Yelp about Arabica Lounge – bakery, breakfast, and coffee shop – before visiting, and not all of it was positive (too pretentious, too expensive, unreliable hours, etc), so I was pleasantly surprised by my experience (although the unreliable hours part turned out to be true). The space was pleasant, light, and welcoming, and perfect for working or reading (especially once the loud group that was there decided to leave).

I was initially dismayed because they had decided to close the kitchen early and I was really hungry (and had heard good things about the “soldier eggs”). However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I “settled” for a croissant sandwich with Brie… best I’ve had in Seattle and I’ve had many a croissant.  Next I moved on the peanut butter cookie, which left a promising grease stain on the paper bag:

The whole peanuts on top were what made this cookie special (the cookie itself was very good too), and the texture was good – not gooey, slightly crumbly. That evening, I broke into the meringue :

Inside was a surprise: I believe they were pistachio nuts, and they set it apart from other similar meringues (lately I’ve been buying meringues, which up until this year I didn’t even like). I do recommend Arabica – everything I had was really good (including the coffee, which was amazing – and I am very picky). Just make sure you come early in the day.



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