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Sweet Treats

July 15, 2012

Like ice cream? Like cookies? If you visit the Sweet Treats ice cream truck you can have both together. The mobile food truck lets customers choose a flavor of ice cream to go between the cookies of your choice (they make all their own ice cream and cookies). This year, at our annual athletics department party, we were “treated” to this ice cream truck for grown-ups:

We could choose between 4 flavors of ice cream and 4 types of cookies. I started off with a peanut butter cookie and chocolate ice cream combo, which everyone was quite jealous of:

I thought both cookie and ice cream were superb, and the combination of flavors worked perfectly (but we already know peanut butter and chocolate go hand in hand). I finished it quickly and moved on to number two:

Yup, that’s just chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream, but that’s what everyone else was eating and it just looked so darn good. Plus, I used to love those Tollhouse Cookie Sandwiches when I was younger.  I will say, I think ice cream sandwiches generally work better when they’ve had time to sit in the freezer. The flavors and textures meld together more, and it freezes into a real sandwich (rather than cookies plus ice cream).  Still, if you happen to catch the Sweet Treats truck (they’re at the Fremont Market on Sundays, or check twitter for locations), you should give it a try. Or two.