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Scratch Deli

September 24, 2012

Also known as People’s Republic of Koffee? The coffee shop on 12th and Howell in Cap Hill (very near my apartment) merged a few months ago with the folks behind Scratch Deli food truck. The result is a chill, welcoming cafe with great coffee, gourmet sandwiches, and some of the best kept secret pastries in Seattle.  I used to avoid coming here because really, who wants their coffee spelled with a K, but now I come by every few weekends to lounge or work in their living-room atmosphere (there’s free wifi and sunny outdoor seating):

I’d come just for the coffee and sandwiches, but the main draw for me is the pastries. There are different items depending on what the guy happened to make, but I’m after two things – the cinnamon roll and the chocolate chip cookie. The cookie (not pictured) is the best I’ve had. Period. I almost wept as I ate it (and I think I really may have shed a tear when it was finished. The cinnamon roll is more elusive – I’ve only once managed to come at the right day and time and have been struggling since then to get my hands on one:

It’s different from a traditional roll, and apparently has a croissant base, so I imagine the croissants are pretty delicious too. The scones are the only thing I haven’t been super impressed with. But how do I describe the goodness of the cinnamon buns and the cookie? I can’t… you’ll just have to try them for yourself.



Mediterranean Mix

September 16, 2012

The restaurant space at 23rd and Union is seemingly cursed after the violence at the Cheesesteak place and the closure of the bakery that took it’s place. Now, I’m hoping that Mediterranean Mix (with another location in Pioneer Square) will find success because everything seemed really good – the food and the desserts. I ordered the falafel, and while waiting for them to make it I noticed there was a whole section of the counter displaying desserts – both of the traditional Greek variety (I’ve heard good things about their baklava) and traditional American. I passed up some really yummy-looking cupcakes in favor of the chocolate layer cake – it just had the look of a perfect chocolate cake.

And by golly, I was right. This was one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever eaten, and such a surprise coming from a hole-in-the-wall place.  I was told the owner’s wife makes it along with the other desserts. Dense, moist layers with a rich ganache frosting make this one of my favorite Seattle slice of cake, right up there with Simply Desserts and Kingfish Cafe. But I also wanted to sample a more Mediterranean dessert, so I picked out an almond dessert:

It’s not a baguette!  I believe it was made with almond flour (and a lot of butter), and my friend really liked it. I was kind of indifferent, especially as I was attacking the chocolate cake with such gusto. I hope this place sticks around because I will be back for more cake.


Cinnamon Works

September 4, 2012

So many Pike’s Place Market bakeries… what’s a girl to do? (Try them all. This is the logical conclusion). On a recent trip to the Market, I stopped by Cinnamon Works for the first time.

It’s one of those places that I’d walked by dozens of times, never quite tempted enough to sample the wares (too much focus on gluten-free for my taste).  People say their gluten-free cinnamon buns are very good, but I just can’t imagine life without flour. I selected a regular chocolate chip cookie and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

To tell the truth, I found both to be fine but unremarkable. The chocolate chip cookie was too crackly and thin, and the oatmeal raisin cookie was too dense. People have given this place pretty good reviews on Yelp, so I imagine I’ll try some different goods next time and be more impressed.