Mediterranean Mix

The restaurant space at 23rd and Union is seemingly cursed after the violence at the Cheesesteak place and the closure of the bakery that took it’s place. Now, I’m hoping that Mediterranean Mix (with another location in Pioneer Square) will find success because everything seemed really good – the food and the desserts. I ordered the falafel, and while waiting for them to make it I noticed there was a whole section of the counter displaying desserts – both of the traditional Greek variety (I’ve heard good things about their baklava) and traditional American. I passed up some really yummy-looking cupcakes in favor of the chocolate layer cake – it just had the look of a perfect chocolate cake.

And by golly, I was right. This was one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever eaten, and such a surprise coming from a hole-in-the-wall place.  I was told the owner’s wife makes it along with the other desserts. Dense, moist layers with a rich ganache frosting make this one of my favorite Seattle slice of cake, right up there with Simply Desserts and Kingfish Cafe. But I also wanted to sample a more Mediterranean dessert, so I picked out an almond dessert:

It’s not a baguette!  I believe it was made with almond flour (and a lot of butter), and my friend really liked it. I was kind of indifferent, especially as I was attacking the chocolate cake with such gusto. I hope this place sticks around because I will be back for more cake.



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