Scratch Deli

Also known as People’s Republic of Koffee? The coffee shop on 12th and Howell in Cap Hill (very near my apartment) merged a few months ago with the folks behind Scratch Deli food truck. The result is a chill, welcoming cafe with great coffee, gourmet sandwiches, and some of the best kept secret pastries in Seattle.  I used to avoid coming here because really, who wants their coffee spelled with a K, but now I come by every few weekends to lounge or work in their living-room atmosphere (there’s free wifi and sunny outdoor seating):

I’d come just for the coffee and sandwiches, but the main draw for me is the pastries. There are different items depending on what the guy happened to make, but I’m after two things – the cinnamon roll and the chocolate chip cookie. The cookie (not pictured) is the best I’ve had. Period. I almost wept as I ate it (and I think I really may have shed a tear when it was finished. The cinnamon roll is more elusive – I’ve only once managed to come at the right day and time and have been struggling since then to get my hands on one:

It’s different from a traditional roll, and apparently has a croissant base, so I imagine the croissants are pretty delicious too. The scones are the only thing I haven’t been super impressed with. But how do I describe the goodness of the cinnamon buns and the cookie? I can’t… you’ll just have to try them for yourself.



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