Ba Bar

There’s so much to like about Ba Bar. It’s a hip restaurant in a location you can actually find parking (central district, right by Seattle U). They’re open all the time – get coffee and a pastry in the morning, bring the family for lunch, grab some friends for happy hour… etc). The food and drinks are high quality (and happy hour is all-day Sunday and Monday). Most importantly… dessert! They have their own bakery, which you can see in action as you sip on pho or a Moscow Mule. Or, get some reading or work done during the day and make use of the free wi-fi as you contemplate a cup of coffee.

Ba Bar has a variety of pastries at the front counter, but their pride and joy would be the macaroons. Not being a huge macaroon person, I decided to go with a tea-cake kind of thing, with a purple macaroon just to see what the fuss was about.

The berry cake was was buttery sweet goodness, with a coarse crumb texture – highly enjoyable – but it’s true that the real joy is in the macaroon. Which is really saying something, coming from someone who doesn’t even like them. Not dry AT ALL, with real flavor (as opposed to just sugar). Very fresh. May change your life.



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