A La Mode Pies

There are whole pockets of Seattle that remain a mystery to me, and Phinney Ridge is one (is there any reason to go there, besides Red Mill Burgers?). But, in my never-ending quest to try every bakery in Seattle, I went out of my comfort zone to seek out A la Mode Pies, and ended up being glad I did. The space is bustling but with just enough seating to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee with your pie.

The main focus here seems to be cream pies, although there were a few fruit pies – the most interesting-looking was the Blue Hawaiian, which combines coconut with berry and pineapple flavors. But the cream pies looked too good to pass up, and I went with the Bourbon Butterscotch:

I liked the wafer-cookie crust, and the butterscotch pudding-like filling was good, but I didn’t taste much bourbon (this may have something to do with the fact that I drink my bourbon straight, and have lost the ability to detect more subtle doses). There was also too much whipped cream on top – although it was good quality. I got the Mexican Chocolate Pie to go, and it was truly big and rich. It took me four days plus one extra person to eat it. But I do recommend it for those that like complicated, sophisticated chocolate flavors – there is a small amount of cayenne sprinkled on top and the cinnamon flavor is strong.



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