Primarily a coffee shop, Sureshot on the Ave is a haven for coffee addicts, vegans, and misfits (there seemed to be quite a few of the latter). I am certainly a coffee addict, and have always considered myself somewhat of a misfit… until I compared myself to the others at Sureshot. A woman with all her prescription bottles arrayed across the table conversed loudly with her dog as groups of students played Magic or Life. In the back, there were vintage arcade games which only added to the eclectic ambiance.


The strange scene did not deter me from my quest to try the “white coffee” I had read about on Yelp (this is just coffee that has been roasted to a lower temperature). It was certainly sweeter and more mild, but I don’t look for either of those things in my coffee. I decided to move on to the baked goods, all of which are vegan and are baked in-house.  At the barista’s recommendation I got a cookie, and at Yelp’s recommendation I got a turtle bar:

I should have stuck with Yelp. The cookie was overly soft and lacked flavor. I didn’t even finish it. The turtle bar, on the other hand, was actually really good. Are those chocolate chips really vegan?



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