Mighty-O Donuts

I’m an ardent supporter of Top-Pot doughnuts and have always considered Mighty-O to be the ugly stepsister in the Seattle Doughnut dance.  Turns out Mighty-O wears that glass slipper pretty well.


Located in Greenlake, Mighty-O prides itself on vegan, organic ingredients (yes, you can make a vegan doughnut, and yes, it’s just as bad for you as a doughnut made with animal products) and on being an ethical company with strong ties to the Seattle community.  On my visit, I wasn’t sure what to expect – the doughnuts I had bought in stores that carried Mighty-O had been lacking in flavor and slightly stale. I hoped for a better experience on their home turf… and I got it.

I chose the “French Toast” flavor (on the left) and the lemon poppyseed.  The joy upon scarfing down the lemon poppyseed was absolute. Moist, cakey inside with a strong lemon flavor, and a glaze that was just the right amounts of sweet/tart.  The girl at the counter told me the French Toast doughnut would still taste great tomorrow, and although I was skeptical I just couldn’t justify eating two doughnuts in one afternoon (I had just had brunch!). So the next day I popped my French Toast in the microwave for just a few seconds, and sure enough, it tasted completely fresh, not to mention amazing. Great flavor, and I’m pretty impressed they nailed the essence of French Toast without using eggs!
Mighty-O, I’m your new biggest fan and I will be back… but I wish you’d open a few more locations (Cap Hill would be perfect).


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2 Responses to “Mighty-O Donuts”

  1. Brad @ Ice Cream U Scream Says:

    As I’ve written about on my own blog, French Toast at Mighty-O is my favorite doughnut in the country. Whenever I visit Seattle, I have to stop in. Glad to see I’m not the only one who discovered it’s brilliance!

  2. erniek3 Says:

    Hey, this week you get your wish with the new Cap Hill store!

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