The Wandering Goose

This weekend, I finally was willing and able to to try out The Wandering Goose, a small Southern-style bakery/restaurant on Cap Hill serving biscuit breakfast sandwiches along with a very impressive collection of baked goods.  I say finally because I had been put off for many weeks by long lines and big crowds at brunch hour (there is very limited seating space – take your food to-go or go on a weekday).  I realized immediately I had been missing out on major baked goodness.


Besides a variety of delicious breakfast sandwiches (they make their own sausage and the eggs are perfect), there were cookies, cakes, pies, and much more. I stood in shock for a moment, then dove in. I started with a buttermilk biscuit with jam and butter:



It was perfectly flakey and moist, and suddenly I felt so happy to be alive and eating at this lovely place where they make their own honey (bee hives are on the rooftop) and take as long as they want to bring your coffee. I wanted to eat every single thing they had, but I settled for “grandma’s table cake” which is yellow cake with chocolate frosting – my fave.



Did I mention that the cakes are HUGE? Like, Kingfish Cafe size. It must be a Southern thing. Anyway, I was blown away with the perfection of this layer cake. Perfectly dense and moist in terms of the cake, and the frosting was not too sweet, and perfectly salted. It doesn’t get much better. I will be wandering into the Goose much more often in the future.



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One Response to “The Wandering Goose”

  1. Liz Bruce Says:

    The vanilla shortbread and lemon tart from Clover look perfect and awesome.

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