Cortona Cafe

I really wanted to like Cortona Cafe. Cozy, unpretentious, with strong a neighborhood (Madrona) feel, it had an atmosphere that felt like a small town hippie coffee shop. Free wifi, an all-waffle menu, and a super-nice lady running the counter didn’t hurt.  Parking was no problem and I loved the little outdoor eating area:



I ordered an Americano and the Belgian waffle with mixed fruit, maple syrup, and whipped cream. And waited… and waited… and waited. I had my Americano to sip on, but it was watery.  My waffle finally arrived, and looked gorgeous:



I was really excited to dig in – everything looked fresh and carefully crafted. And it was. The problem was the waffle itself – it was overdone and came out dry. Waffles are hard to get right – they can’t be mushy, but they also shouldn’t be hard and crunchy. I ate most of it, but really had to use my arm muscles to cut bites. The waffles get great reviews on Yelp, however, so maybe I just happened to be there on an off day.


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