Belle Epicurean

Why am I just now discovering the wonders of Belle Epicurean, a quaint and classy French bakery/restaurant with locations downtown and in Madison Park? I’ve wasted previous years of my life NOT eating here, it seems. At any rate, this place is the real deal. There’s a full counter of all sorts of decadent desserts, ranging from almond tortes to macaroons – a whole tower of them, in fact:



I didn’t sample the macaroons because I am not a passionate macaroonist, but I did get a red velvet petit four, a flourless chocolate decadence, and cinnamon brioche bun. The flourless chocolate decadence, while not mind-blowing, did live up to it’s name. The brioche bun was ultra buttery, with a lovely caramelized sugar crunch. The petit four impressed me the most of the three desserts. It was very moist, with no dried, stale edges, and was basically just heaven in a bite (actually 4 bites).


Perfection! Belle Epicurean is most definitely a keeper, and it will keep me coming back for more. Maybe I’ll even try a macaroon.


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