Fainting Goat Gelato

After being told my multiple people that I should try this Wallingford neighborhood ice cream joint, I finally took advantage of a warm-wave (can’t really call it a head wave if it stays below 80) and stopped by. Fainting Goat Gelato is named for – you guessed it – fainting goats (google it for some pretty hilarious videos).



A friendly (and very kid-friendly) gelato parlor, Fainting Goat prides itself on using high-quality, organic ingredients. Another plus, they let you sample quite a few flavors before you buy. The best thing, to me, was that I didn’t have to fight my way through crowds of hipsters like you do at Molly Moon’s.



I got a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of hazelnut (I am my sister’s sister) for a lovely chic-hazlenut combo that took me right back to my days in Paris.



The verdict is positive – although to be honest I remain loyal to Full Tilt as my favorite Seattle ice cream parlor. Gelato just lacks a certain intensity found in ice cream. But I’ll take Fainting Goat any time, especially if I get a chance to watch cute videos of goats toppling over.


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