Farmers Market Round One

Last summer I made the rounds of various ice cream parlors when the weather turned nice. This summer, I want to focus on farmers markets, and I’m especially interested in booths selling small-time, niche sweets. To start things off, I visited the U-district farmers market. After buying bags of salad mix and those yummy peas, I sought out some desserts. I started with the Little Prague European Bakery, which is based in West Seattle but has booths at a couple different markets. I selected the poppyseed kolach and the cinnamon roll, and the kind lady working the booth threw in a rhubarb bar for free.



The kolach I did not particularly love, but that’s fine because it was experimental (I was a little skeptical about the amount of poppy seed paste involved). The rhubarb bar was just okay – topping was excellent (good balance of tart and sweet, leaning to the tart side of things), but the cake part was mushy and lacking flavor. I would have preferred a shortbread base. The cinnamon roll saved the day. Flakey, strongly flavored, and not lacking in fat, it was everything a simple cinnamon roll should be. On to the next booth, with was Jonboy Caramels.



They specialize in just a few particular caramels: flour de sel and toasted coconut are the mainstays with a few other rotating flavors (this week was absinth, which I hated). Jonboy operates out of a small kitchen in Ballard (no retail space) and sells their candy through various outlets. The caramels are not cheap (what at the market is, really?) and at $9 for a box of 12 I had very high expectations. Which were met. I passed on the fleur de sel (I don’t like salty candy) but tore through the toasted coconut ones. Rich, not too sticky, and highly addictive – these make a great gift. For yourself.



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