Issaquah Farmers Market

Continuing my quest to explore as many Seattle-area farmers markets as possible this summer, I stopped by the Issaquah market to check out my friend’s ice cream stand – one of the few I’ve encountered at any market. First off, let me say that I was overwhelmed by the size and scope of this market. There were a dozen lunch stands, and more produce and flower booths than I could count. And pony rides. But I took some deep breaths and dove in, buying meats, salad greens, cherries… and an apron (I had always wanted one). Finally I took a time out for ice cream:


That’s Kelly, scooping her homemade Cosmic Creamery ice cream – today’s flavors were cherry-chocolate, vanilla, raspberry-rhubarb sorbet, and something called breakfast ice cream. Curious, I sampled the latter. Turns out it’s a coffee base with bits of bacon… and it’s surprisingly enjoyable! But I went for something a little tamer – a mix of the vanilla and the sorbet – heaven in a cup!


Naturally, I couldn’t stop with just one dessert, especially since Kelly’s stand was just a few feet away from Sun Spot Mini Donuts. Drawn by the aroma of fried dough (one thing I could never resist), I stopped to watch the donut-making process:


There wasn’t even a choice – I had to have them. The donuts come in bags of seven, and I could have eaten 10 bags (but held myself to one, which I even shared with a friend). Served up crispy and so hot you have to let them cool down, they shake powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar over the bag. For sure the best fried dough I have EVER had the pleasure to scarf down. Mmmmmm. Respect the mini donut!


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