More Markets

Had time to explore a couple more markets this weekend, starting with the Fremont Sunday Market. This was only my second time at this market in spite of six years of living in Seattle, and I thought there was going to be more in the way of produce (like a typical farmers market). Of course, nothing in Fremont is typical and the market consists mainly of random antiques plus quite a few food trucks. You can guess which area I was more interested in.

I started with Clover, which is basically just a lady who makes really awesome pastries and sells them at markets (no retail shop). I chose the vanilla shortbread and the lemon tart and had no regrets:



For such a small operation, I have to say I was pretty impressed. Nothing was dry, nor was it goopy – in other words, perfect texture. She also had a matcha/red bean tart which I sampled and would recommend. It just goes to show, it’s not the size of the kitchen that matters, but the amount of butter you use.

Speaking of butter, the next booth I tried was called All About Cookies. Again, the lady running the booth made all the cookies – and there were a lot. For a gal like me, her tupperware bins of every different kind of cookie signified that if Fremont isn’t actually the center of the universe, it’s pretty close to heaven.



I got the chocolate oatmeal (above) and the peanut butter chocolate chip.  This lady obviously does know all about cookies, at least, it tasted like she did.  Again, very nice texture (not too crunchy but they held together nicely), very fresh, and with plenty of butter. I want to try every flavor!

Last stop, something a little lighter. In my quest for produce, I ended up back at the Capitol Hill market because it’s close to home.  There, I discovered the Six Strawberries Ice Pops stand, which makes gourmet popsicles with flavors like  “strawberry rhubarb pie” and PB&J. I went with the Rainier Cherry flavor:



Perfect for a sunny day! The cherry flavor was a bit subtle, but the pop wasn’t watery or overly sweet. I’ll be trying more flavors in the near future. All in all, a successful day in the dessert world (yes, I got my produce too).


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