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Le Reve

October 30, 2013

The best thing about working on a blog like this is going to places like Le Reve.  A French bakery in Queen Anne, Reve feels authentic and tastes like France (that is, it tastes like butter). Serving a variety of pastries, desserts, and breakfast & lunch sandwiches, Reve is that café I’d be at every weekend if I lived in the neighborhood.  And maybe it’s a good thing I don’t, because there are only so many calories in a day.


I started out with the Croque Monsieur, served on a French baguette so fresh the shards of crust cut the roof of your mouth. Ahhh France. Next I moved on to dessert. Based off Yelp reviews I got the kouign amann – an extremely buttery muffin-shaped pastry with a crispy coating. Hard to describe this treat but you have to try it here or at Crumble and Flake in Cap Hill.


Also on my menu were the flourless chocolate cake (not overly dense but certainly substantial and very richly flavored), and a raspberry Mogador (the round ball pictured above). I had never had one of these before – basically a chocolate crust with a ball of chocolate mousse with a chocolate raspberry shell. Lighter than the cake, it had that raspberry chocolate combination that to me is always the king of desserts. J’aime Le Reve… (did I spell that right??).


Golden Wheat Bakery

October 7, 2013

After a month-long (or more?) hiatus, I’m launching myself back into the world of sweets. I eased myself into my return with a trip to a cute neighborhoody spot in the Central District called Golden Wheat Bakery.  It stands out on an otherwise unassuming corner because of its fire engine red paint and display of knitted items you might want to buy while shopping for baked goods:


I wasn’t in the market for scarves, but the cookies and pastries sure looked good, as did the breads. The girl at the counter was super friendly, even when things started getting busy. She helped identify everything and shared some cookie samples, and I eventually settled on a Pecan Sandy Shortbread cookie and a chocolate croissant.



Let’s start with the Pecan Sandy, which was truly excellent. No shortage of butter, with a couple larger chunks of pecan and a grainy sugar coating.  Melt-in-your-mouth legit goodness with that one. The croissant was a let-down after that – it was too doughy and not at all flakey. Still, overall it was a good experience and I’d come back to munch on Sandies and get some work or reading done (though I wouldn’t mind if they turned down the Katy Perry Miley Cyrus radio station…).