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Holy Cannoli

December 12, 2013

To be honest, cannoli have never been high on my list of preferred desserts (I’ve never been a huge fan of creamy centers in general). So I wasn’t super psyched to try Holy Cannoli in Belltown. But, since I am extremely dedicated to trying every bakery in Seattle, I took a morning to check out the spot.



The nice thing about coming to Belltown in the morning is that you can actually park, and I pretty much had the store to myself. I was impressed at the variety of cannoli, but sad that I was there too early to sample a stromboli. I ended up choosing three cannoli to go.


From left to right, that’s maple-pecan, traditional (vanilla cream with chocolate and cinnamon), and coconut. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft, delicate shell (not brittle or chewy), and light, airy filling. The coconut was my favorite, but my only regret was just getting three. Holy Cannoli has me singing the praises of cannoliā€¦ who would have thought?