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Byen Bakery

January 24, 2014

Located in North Queen Anne on a busy road in a rather post-industrial area is the decidedly neighborhood-y Byen Bakery. With a cozy atmosphere, enough seating, and a heavenly smell, Byen is a good place to linger over coffee and a pastry. And there are plenty to choose from – Byen takes its flour and butter very seriously.



I knew that in a Scandinavian bakery, one should get the Kringle – a pretzel-shaped pastry with a sweet, flakey interior. To be honest, they aren’t my favorite and I didn’t love this one because of the marzipan (which I dislike). But to be fair to the bakery, and because I couldn’t resist, I tried the pecan cinnamon roll as well.



As you can see (it’s the one on the right – the one on the left is a slice of kringle), it’s everything a cinnamon pecan bun should be – sticky, lots of surface area, and nutty. I heated it in the microwave and tore into it with extremely positive results. Yeasty, but not too elastic-y with a strong cinnamon flavor, this was a clear winner, as was the loaf of Apple Bread I walked away with:



The icing on the top was the right degree of saltiness and the loaf wasn’t overly apple-y. Again, it did better after a zap in the microwave, and provided perfect slices of heaven for breakfast (also works with some ice cream for dessert). This place almost makes me wish I lived in this non-neighborhood!


Hello Robin

January 16, 2014

Hello Robin indeed, and welcome to the neighborhood!  A new bakery that just does cookies (and sells Molly Moon’s ice cream on the side), Robin also isn’t afraid to experiment. On my visit, there were coconut curry cookies, habanero orange cookies, and breakfast cookies. I wasn’t feeling quite that adventurous, but I was willing to give the molasses, caramel, and Mexican chocolate a try.



But what really caught my eye was the chocolate chip cookies. They just had that “look” to them, and I knew they would be all that and more. Really, it was love at first sight.



The other three were good, but paled in comparison to the perfection of the classic chocolate chip. I regretted only getting three of the chocolate chip cookies, especially since I was sharing with two friends! But I won’t make this mistake again – next time I’m skipping the experiments and getting a half-dozen chocolate chip cookies… and not sharing with anyone.