Yummy House Bakery

I’ve been an occasional customer at the Yummy House outpost in Owajimaya but had never tried the actual bakery (located right across the street). Billing itself as a Hong Kong style bakery specializing in cakes, buns, and pastries, Yummy House prides itself on not being overly sweet.



I found the atmosphere and service to be a tad unwelcoming but I bought a cream puff and a fruit boat. The cream puff was nothing to write home about. I understand they purposely don’t use too much sugar, but the pastry was dangerously close to cardboard.  The fruit boat, on the other hard, was lovely.



It was freshly made, with a very short crust and rich cream filling. It’s odd having the melon ball and grape as part of the tart, but I think they work. So, I’d recommend getting a fresh fruit boat, but overall I think there are better bakeries in the International District.


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