The Arosa Waffle Cafe and Coffee Shop is tucked away in a dessert-heavy corner of Madison Park (you’ll find Oh! Chocolates and the Northwest Catering Company in the same little shopping center, and it’s also not far from Belle Epicurean). But if you’re looking for a low key coffee spot and a snack, it does the trick – especially if waffles are your thing.



Along with my Americano (which was fine, not sour or acidic), I got two waffles (they seemed surprised by this, seems like everyone just sticks to one, but that didn’t stop me!). One was plain – they make them with a very faint coating of caramelized sugar, so you don’t need syrup. The other was topped with nutella and banana:



Needless to say, I preferred it with toppings, although the waffle is a little small for so much banana. Overall I was pleased, but I was disappointed that instead of making the waffles fresh they just reheat them. A fresh waffle is so much tastier! Still, for being not-fresh the waffles were decent. They are obviously made with a good batter and I liked the slightly sugary coating – not overly sweet but sweet enough that it feels like dessert.


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